Change is in the air. Shifter has taken a good look at ourselves and we made a list of stuff that we do well. We also made a list of stuff that others do better. Fortunately the latter is far longer.

It was easy to find our focus. We’re an excellent Employer of Record. We match benefits, professionallity and service levels to that of our clients. Most of them are english speaking. Both clients and employees have awarded us countless stars for being friendly and efficient. We have decided to formalize this by matching our identity with what we already are; “Employer of Record.”

We’re currently finishing new websites and other assets, and we are looking for a team leader to consolidate our new initiatives into a platform for further growth. Check in the near future for updates, and meanwhile, we’re hiring!

Teamleader Employer of Record

Shifter is a dedicated provider of Employer of Record services in the Dutch market. We act as formal employer on behalf of our clients in order to facilitate proper payroll processing. We do this for various clients:

  • For fast-growing companies we provide compliant payroll processing and expertise so that our clients can focus on their business goals instead of setting up all the paperwork and a permanent establishment.
  • For Expats we provide compliance and stable pay out, while avoiding misclassification.
  • For international EoR networks we provide a bridgehead for adding the Dutch market to their coverage under a white label.

Shifter is looking for a team leader who can streamline the day to day operation, and who can be a sparring partner to the HR department of our clients, a coach for the employees, and a mentor to the payroll team.

You’ll discuss proper procedures and solutions within Dutch (labour) law with our clients. You’ll explain the idiosyncrasies of Dutch labour law to non-Dutch speaking clients and employees. You’ll submit applications for the 30% ruling for foreign specialists. You’ll discuss applicable benefits and proper administration thereof with our clients.

You’ll absorb our procedures and identify and implement improvements. You’ll help the payroll team manage the day to day operation. You’ll help the team manage absenteeism, and on difficult cases you are able to take over.

You’ll discuss team additions with the CEO, contribute to negotiations with our customers and you help set strategic goals for short, medium and long term.

This function requires excellent verbal and written communication skills, even more so in English than in Dutch. It requires a good understanding of Dutch labour law, and the seniority to be a credible sparring partner to all parties. You probably have 8+ years’ experience with an existing EoR, a Payrolling firm or Professional Employer Organization. You are likely to have an education in HR or labour law.

As a person you enjoy developing a business and growing your own professional reach. You can be hands-on when needed, but moreover you can keep your team happy and productive. You’ll be provided with the necessary authority and resources to do so.

At Shifter we work from home a lot, and we bring the team together at least once a week. You’ll receive excellent home office equipment, including laptop, chair and mobile phone.

We’re eager to answer any questions that you may have

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