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Shifter helps you manage your most important asset

Shifter connects your business real-time to the flexible workforce that is available in your local community. Shifter helps you manage availability, efficiency and quality across your entire workforce. Shifter is especially good where flexible teams work in dynamic venues.

Over 175k workers onboarded, scheduled and tracked
Over 2 million shifts planned, timed and and processed
Over 600k items entered, issued and safely returned

Shifter can optimize your WFM process end-to-end, without customisation or dedicated hardware

Our Workforce Management Application is tailor-made for large dynamic venues, which means it understands the specific challenges and requirements of managing a large and dynamic workforce in your industry. You won’t need to customize a generic solution to your needs; instead, you’ll have a tool that is already built with your industry in mind.

Shifter lets you open your schedule to the workforce in your local community, creating a powerful on-demand network

Large scale venues are an important employer in any community that is lucky enough to have one. They offer high profile jobs in an exiting environment. However, they need a different team every day, and finding the right people day after day is a challenge. Shifter is a WFM collaboration tool that can be opened to your local workforce to collectively fill in any position. 

Shifter offers Real-time insight

Our application provides you with a comprehensive view of planning needs, staffing levels, availability and attendance. This visibility empowers you to make informed decisions promptly, producing events that run smoothly.

Product features

A tool for every stakeholder and realtime info on the status of the planning

In the convention business, many stakeholders collaborate each day to find the necessary staff for a succesfull event. Each stakeholder has their own needs and contributions to the overall process. Event mangers want to input and update their requirements. Planners need to match availabiltity and requirements. Agencies need to receive timely staffing orders and deliver quality personnel. Some employees may get to pick shifts. Floormanagers need realtime access to team composition updates and to enter times and performance.
Shifter is designed to do all this and to provide transparency to all.

Full end-to-end coverage, discrete access to the process

All business functions have their own responsibles. Each step in the process is managed by different people. Some only contribute by adding real-time data, others are responsible and may correct and approve. These divisions may also vary by staffing model (BPO, MS, Staffing agencies, employed staff).

Shifter can handle all diffferent forms in one global planning, giving each stakeholder access to only the relevant functions. Superusers can track overall progress and identify bottlenecks in availability, process or quality.

Staffing partners can be invited to collaborate

Enabling suppliers of workers to collaborate within one product offers substantial advantages. It streamlines the staffing process, allowing suppliers to seamlessly share workforce availability and qualifications in real-time. This collaboration enhances transparency, ensuring accurate and timely staffing solutions. It also promotes accountability, as both the organization and suppliers can monitor performance metrics together. Additionally, it facilitates quicker response to changing staffing needs, improving adaptability during peak periods or unexpected events. Overall, supplier collaboration within a WFM product optimizes workforce planning, reduces administrative overhead, and enhances the efficiency of staffing operations, ultimately benefiting both the organization and its workforce suppliers.

A Unified role structure

A unified role structure, shared with suppliers of workers, delivers numerous advantages. It creates a common language for job roles, streamlining communication between the organization and suppliers. This ensures precise alignment of staffing needs, reducing misunderstandings and errors. A standardized role structure also simplifies onboarding, making it easier for suppliers to provide qualified personnel promptly. Moreover, it enhances transparency in workforce planning, allowing both parties to efficiently match skills with demands. Ultimately, this unified structure fosters collaboration, promotes consistency, and leads to more efficient and effective workforce management, benefiting the organization and its workforce suppliers alike.

Real-time planning status

A system that provides real-time planning status benefits all stakeholders immensely. It enhances transparency by giving everyone a clear view of staffing and scheduling progress, fostering collaboration and reducing miscommunication. Managers gain insights into resource allocation, enabling proactive adjustments as needed. Employees appreciate increased visibility into their schedules, improving engagement and work-life balance. Compliance and regulatory adherence become easier to monitor, reducing risks. Additionally, clients or event organizers can track progress, ensuring their expectations are met. Overall, a WFM system offering planning status to all stakeholders improves efficiency, accountability, and trust while enhancing the overall workforce management experience.

Built to be adopted swiftly

Shifter facilitates swift product adoption by aligning seamlessly with the industry’s unique demands. Its event-centric scheduling, real-time visibility, and compliance features directly address the challenges convention centers face. Staff can quickly grasp and utilize the system as it’s designed specifically for their needs, streamlining workforce operations effortlessly. The solution’s scalability ensures it adapts to any event size, making it suitable for various conventions. This tailored approach not only minimizes the learning curve but also delivers immediate efficiency gains, encouraging convention centers to adopt and benefit from the product rapidly.

Manage own staff and agency workers simultaniously

Shifter offers a unified platform for seamless planning of both in-house staff and agency workers. It integrates agency management features, allowing you to schedule, coordinate, and communicate with internal and external teams effortlessly. This synergy ensures optimal staffing levels for events, reduces scheduling conflicts, and enhances overall efficiency. By accommodating the specific needs of your convention center and external agencies within a single system, our solution simplifies collaboration, streamlines workforce planning, and promotes effective resource allocation. This integrated approach promotes a harmonious work environment and maximizes the potential for successful event execution.

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